Terms and Conditions for Holiday Rentals

The following specifications are important to enable our clients to be informed of our commitment and also with regards to the conditions governing the way we conduct our work

  1. SARQUO acts as an intermediary between the tenant and the landlord. The property owner is responsible for dealing with any claims made against the property. SARQUO´s role is exclusively to communicate the characterisitcs and conditions which have been outlined to them by the landlords, without being able to guarantee compliancy.However, SARQUO resolves to acta as a representative with regards to the property, with the aim of resolving any problems which could arise for the client to the best of their ability.

  2. The tenant agrees to use the property for vacational purposes. The máximum number of occupants must not exceed that which is stated in the SARQUO agreement. The transfer or subletting of the property to third parties is strictly prohibited.

  3. The prices listed on this website are orientative and are subject to variation according to the number of occupants. The final price includes, apart from the rental cost, the cleaning service charge prior to arrival, a gas bottle, as well as the costs of electricity and water consumption for the rental period. Cleaning costs for the duration of the stay are not included, the occupant should request to be billed separately for services not included in the rental agreement.

  4. All properties should be adequate for the occupancy it is destined for, in good condition and with all facilities in working order. Any damage to the property, its facilities or furniture/furnishings caused by the tenants, must be compensated for prior to departure. In such instances that damage is not identified until after the departure, SARQUO will contact the client advising them of their obligation to respond accordingly.

  5. Arrival at the property will take place according to the agreed day from 14:00. Departure from the property will take place before 12:00 noon on the day stipulated in the rental contract. Keys may be collected between 9:00-21:00 on weekdays and from 10.00-14:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  6. In order to collect the keys tenants are responsible for communicating their expected arrival time 48 hours beforehand.

  7. In the case that the reservation is cancelled, the deposit is witheld. The amount could be reallocated to make an alternative reservation, except for reservations for July and August.

  8. The payment of a deposit guarantees the reservation of the rental property up to 48 hours following the agreed arrival date. Once this period has elapsed, the client will have lost all claim to occupy the property or to reclaim a refund of the money paid and the property will become available. If the client wants to occupy the property after the 48 hour deadline, they must pay the total amount in full before entry.

  9. The payment of the full amount should be paid in cash on collecting the keys on arrival, allowing the client to view the property and verify the conditions which were originally offered to them. In the case that the client doesn´t wish to stay in the property, he/she has no right to a refund of the deposit, nor able to reallocate it as a part payment for another property.

  10. All properties included on the website are built within quiet residential areas. However, SARQUO cannot guarantee the absence of noise originating from the surrounding area.

  11. Having collected the keys and looked over the property it is understood that the client accepts the condition of the property on arrival, and therefore has no grounds for future recourse.

  12. The occupant has the responsibility for the upkeep of the rental property and its installations as well as reporting upon any incidents as soon as possible.

  13. SARQUO accepts no liability for incidents occuring on the property or within its communal grounds (swimming pool etc)

  14. The payment of the deposit is seen as an indication that the client has read and accepted these conditions.