Sales Terms and Conditions

Prior to embarking upon any procedure we ensure that all parties are in agreement with the existing laws and regulations. This aspect is vital for both prospective buyers interested in purchasing a property listed on our web site, as well as for those wishing to sell.

  1. We check that the property has deeds and is registered in the Property Register;  as well verifying legal ownership.

  2. We check if there are any outstanding bills owing for water, electricity, telephone, property tax or community tax etc

  3. We check the urban planning legality with the corresponding town council.

  4. We check any oustanding payments owing on the property ; such as mortgages, fines, repossessions, rights of access, lease agreements etc

  5. We arrange the methods of payment and the handing over agreement, and we will be present throughout the negotiation process with the seller.

  6. We formalize the reservation document, contract of option to purchase etc

  7. We can assist you in applying for and selecting a favourable mortgage agreement, if necessary.

  8. We shall acompany you to the Notary Office to sign the deeds and to hand over the property.

  9. We shall acompany you to the Property Registry with the deeds and then settle any charges and taxes at the Liquidation Office.

  10. We shall accompany you to the corresponding Town Hall in order to declare the change in ownership at the Land Registry.

  11. We will take responsibility for changing the name of the title bearer in the contracts of the supply companies responsible for water, electricity, phone line etc